Weekly Responsibilities

Weekly Responsibilities
Date Finer's List Program List
April 15 2015 Jim Earl Dave Zoni
April 22 Rob Flood Joanne Alfieri
April 29 Steve Giudice OPEN FORUM
May 6 Brendan Goodrich  
May 13 Carol Grant Art Blumer
May 20 Rod Greaves Gloria Brown
May 27 John Kennedy OPEN FORUM
June 3 Ron Klein Board/Business Meeting
June 10 Tony Lamberto Dan Daigle
June 17 Cyn Martel Rich Drouin
June 24 Josh Martin
Annual Dinner and
Installation of Officers
July 1 Josh Martin Board/Business Meeting
July 8 Golf Tournament Golf Tournament
July 15 Marc Mathieu Jim Earl
July 22 Bill May Rob Flood
July 29 Robin Morrell OPEN FORUM
Aug 5 Patrick Mulholland Business Meeting
Aug 12 Kris Noli Steve Giudice
Aug 19 Elbe d'Oliveira Brendan Goodrich
Aug 26 Steve Parsons OPEN FORUM
Sep 9 Chet Potrepka Carol Grant
Sep 16 Mike P. Rod Greaves
Sep 23 Donn Reilly Ralph Holyst
Sep 29 Ginny Roy OPEN FORUM
Oct 7 Kate Sirignano John Kennedy
Oct 14 Sue Smayda Ron Klein
Oct 21 Carl Sokolowski Tony Lamberto
Oct 27 Jenn Solomon Cynthia Martel
Nov 4 Wayne Stearns Business Meeting
Nov 11 Jeremy Taylor Cynthia Martel
Nov 18 Victoria Triano Josh Martin
Nov 24 Steve Whitaker OPEN FORUM
Dec 2 Senior Luncheon Senior Luncheon
Dec 9   Board/Business Meeting
Dec 16 Jim Williamson Marc Mathieu
Dec 23 Crag Zetterman Bill May
Dec 29 Dave Zoni Robin Morrell
Jan 06 2016 Joanne Alfieri Business Meeting
Jan 13 Art Blumer Robin Morell
Jan 20 Jim Williamson Bill May
Jan 26 Gloria Brown OPEN FORUM
Feb 03 Dan Daigle Pat Mullolland
Feb 10 Rich Drouin Kris Noli
Feb 17 Laren Dziedzic Elbe d'Oliveira
Feb 24 Jim Earl OPEN FORUM
Please give the name of your speaker and the topic at least two weeks ahead. If you don't have a speaker, I have a list of names of people who wish to speak.
Audrey Brown
Rotary Program Coordinator